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Most frequent questions and answers

After you submit the form above, we will check if your desired CUSTOM DOMAIN is still available. If it is, we will assign it to you and let you use it. However, please note that you need to USE IT OR LOSE IT. MyShop domains are only for legitimately operating web stores. We reserve the right to withdraw the domain from you and assign it to others if you fail to comply with our Terms of Service.

We will update you with details via email or mobile phone. So please make sure the email and phone number you give us is valid. We will need to ask you about your web store to determine the validity of the request.

We will help you configure the domain to point to your Shopify or WordPress store. Details will be discussed in the emails or calls.

If your requested domain is unavailable, we may ask you to select a different domain. Domains are intended for Pinoys who already have a Web store or are planning to launch a Web store within 3 months time. If you are not yet ready or unable to launch your store in 3 months, your request will be declined and the domain will be assigned to someone more qualified. 

We cannot determine that yet this early. Depending on the market response and market trends, we will try to continue to offer these services for as long as it makes business sense. Nevertheless, we will make sure to inform you of any changes and give you ample time advance notice should there be changes.